Polikim Chemicals

Polikim Kimyasal Maddeler

Multinational manufacturer and distributor of biocides, emulsifier (Q/W), silver ion based antibacterial agent and other speciality chemicals.



Polikim, making transferring the research and innovation, will continue to work as customer focused and be an important transition point in the progression of many companies. Besides introducing new products and the products developped by ourselves; our philosophy is to respond to all products and service requirement of our customers. To achieve this, we are always working together with our suppliers and customers.


What's New

ABRAVERT M is special fluid that prevents corrosion and at the same time acts as antifreeze for cooling towers, solar energy, heat pumps, heat exchanger and hot water heating systems,….

ABRAVERT M, is a clear, pale yellow liquid for use as a heat transfer medium in closed hot water heating systems, heat pumps and as a cooling brine in industrial refrigeration equipment.

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